Fernando, Lourenço and Rodrigo.

FGMF international awards


Monsoon Awards • Indian Institute of Architects • 1° place • Institutions and Workplaces (Corujas Building)

IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • 1º place • Unifamiliar • Casa Mirante

IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • 1º place • Varejo • Líder

IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • Special Award • Narrative award •Líder

Prix Versailles • Special Prize • Shops and Stores (Líder Store)


IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • 1º place • Residential • Casa Mattos

IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • 1º place • Hospitality • Complexo Dom Pedro


IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • 1º place • Residential • Casa Botucatu

The International Architecture Awards • Chicago Athenaeum • 1º place • Edifício Corujas

Grande Prêmio da Arquitetura Corporativa 2015 • 1º place • Loja FEED

IIDA Best Interiors • 1º place • Casa Botucatu


Re-Thinking the Future Awards (Casa Natura)

Re-Thinking the Future Awards (Corujas)

Re-Thinking the Future Awards (Complexo Multiuso)

W Awards • Arquitetura Corporativa (Casa Rex)

W Awards • Interior Residential (Apartamento em Higienópolis)

Re-Thinking the Future Awards • Sustentability (Casa Natura)

Re-Thinking the Future Awards • Sustentability (Complexo Multiuso)


2013 IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America Competition • Category: Corporate Space Small (Casa Rex)

2013 IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America Competition • Best of Competition (Casa Rex)

Special Mention • A+ Architizer Awards (Casa Grelha) WAN 21 FOR 21 Award 2013


IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America • Menção Honrosa (BPGM)

Prêmio Bienal Iberoamericana de Arquitetura y Urbanismo (Casa 4×30)


Bloomberg Americas Property Awards • Residential Project Award (Casa Grelha)

Bloomberg Americas Property Awards • Corporate Interiors Award (BPGM)

The International Architecture Award • Chicago Athenaeum (Casa Grelha)

Prêmio OCCAM sotto 40 • Prêmio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse (Casa Grelha)


Concurso Internacional Living Steel • Finland • Architect’s Prize


The technical development for the Genesis project will be managed by

Mint Studios, a 3D visualization and Virtual Interactive company in Brazil with more than a thousand completed projects in their portfolio.

With more than 20 partners, Mint Studios has the capabilities and resources to bring Genesis to life. The Studio will develop all the creative content, including 3D renderings, animations, 360º tours, floorplans and much more.

Leonardo Bartz, the founder of Mint Studios is a Machine Learning Engineer, 3D artist and entrepreneur. He founded 6 companies in areas including 3D for real estate, game-development, animation, building virtual marketplaces among others, and Software. Leo started his career in 1997 and has since filled two patents; including one for Augmented Reality (AR) in Real Estate and other for 360º imaging that alters itself depending on the viewer preferences using artificial intelligence.

Leo Bartz


The Genesis collection takes an approach rooted in realistic design renderings, but it also incorporates futuristic features that blend seamlessly with reality. Our vision of the Metaverse is to build an inclusive space that brings together our web2 and web3 lives through social engagement, commerce, and innovation.

To build 10.000 properties into one project was a real challenge, but one that allowed us to be creative and channel our futuristic thinking. Our architects developed small modules spanning the area of a floor that stack into six layers, forming a disc. These discs are further stacked on top of each other to form the unique spape of our towers. In addition, the bodies of water and vegetation serve as a focal point in Genesis, with a big lake on the ground floor and luscious green vegetation hanging off the terrace of many discs. More on this later.

Common Areas- In a bid to leverage our vertical spacing, we’ve expanded the vegetation throughout the Genesis towers. Overall, the design of the towers, the water and vegetation are all designed to harmoniously incorporate natural elements using a crisp and neutral palette with pops of color. We expect our holders will interact in communal areas surrounded by nature and modern architecture and design.

Residences - All residential units, excluding duplex units, will be above the commercial units. Duplex units will be standalone on the ground floor. Some residences will have a deck extension (terrace) with luscious tropical vegetation built-in to create a zen atmosphere

Towers - The towers consist of discs made by a combination of modules measuring 8x8 meters (26.2 ft x26.2 ft) with a total 64 m² (686.5 sq.f) area. Each module will have 4.5 m (14.8 ft) from floor to ceiling.

Some units will be a combination of two or more modules. These combinations can exist in either plane - horizontally and vertically. The modules will rest on wide flange metallic beams and columns, measuring 0.2 x 0.2 m (7.9” x 7.9”) forming a 3D grid shape.


FGMF is known by its very talented interior design team. Each unit will come with a complete package consisting of furniture and décor, some of which will be designed in-house. In the future, holders will be able to customize their space through purchase of new furniture, changing elements of the layout and other characteristics of their units.

We will introduce an editing feature that allows holders to change aspects of their environment (layout of their unit) and assets including furniture (changing textures) and décor to their liking. This will be a user-friendly feature for our holders.

Eventually, Genesis holders will be able to buy new furniture and decor designed by brands, furniture designers and artists. Purchasing will take place, in a marketplace built and deployed in phase 2.

Architects Sketch of the single and double modules

Double unitys with double deck rendering (not actual gameplay)

Residential Modules

All residential discs will be created with Single, Double and Triple modules. Some will have decks that will extend the property with an external area.



The commercial modules will be distributed above stores units, with a dedicated deck that will connect all units. These units will be available for companies and independent professionals. For example, a marketing agency can host clients in their commercial unit for the purpose of business meetings or to host an event.

We will encourage companies to use their commercial units as an extension of their real-life offices.


All stores will be located at the ground level. With 80 units available, brands will create their digital stores, and sell products and services as NFTS on our marketplace that we will launched at phase 2.

An online form will be available on our website for brands interested in launching a storefront. Incumbents will be selected upon receipt and review of their respective application.


Some units will have a deck, that can be used as an extension of their residential space. These decks will be surrounded by vegetation to give our holders, the necessary privacy in their units. Some decks may come with a pool or a fireplace, where holders can relax or party with their friends.

The decks in the duplex units come with a further benefit - it will give access to the central lake. This gives Duplex owners the flexibility to own and house a sailboat or a yacht in the future.

Decks come in 5 different sizes.

Single deck rendering (not actual gameplay)


Rendering close of 4 floors (not actual gameplay)

The towers will be created by stacking small and big discs . All residential, commercial, stores and duplex units will comprise of the total 10.000 units.

Each unit will have its own position in the project. The NFT metadata will provide this information. The rarity of each NFT will be defined by the size, position, deck type and amenities.

Each disc (big and small) will have 6 floors, and a ceiling height of 4.5 m (14.8 ft). Each layer will be formed by a certain number of modules, distributed by hand to give optimal positioning for each unit.


The residential units will be 9000 properties (NFTS) in total, with 4.500 distributed in 15 big discs and 4500 in 60 small discs.




The commercial properties will have 700 units distributed along 5 big discs and 180 units on 3 small discs. The total commercial units will be 880 (NFTS).




The project is divided into 3 towers - A, B and C. Each tower has

its own disc allocation and distribution. Below the residential units there are commercial discs, with a deck connecting all towers.


Discs will use a coordination system that will show its exact position and characteristics, so that every property can be easily found. We will develop a user-friendly interface where you can navigate through the project using a search function to find a unit with desirable characteristics such as size, availability, and rent/buy/sell. Duplex units will have their own navigation system since they are not built in the disc system.

Below is an example of a single module unit with a single deck in tower A. It’s disc is on level 10 and the house is on the 59th floor.

The unity code is A10B59RSMDDNB9.

Let’s see how the code was generated.

Tower name: A

Disc Level: 10

Disc type (Big): B

Disc floor: 5

Residential Type: R

Single Module: SM

Double Deck: DD

Non amenities: N

Floor Coordinate: B9


The communal areas will have an important role in Genesis. This will be the areas where people can socialize and engage with other holders and guests. Some areas will have free access for everyone while others, will be accessible only for token holder.


In MyLand metaverse, we want residents to have a social life that is an extension of their real-world engagements. Each property owner will define who will be able to visit their property and how they interact with the space.

Accessibility in Genesis will follow the status rules below:

Private: Only the owner can access these spaces.

Friends: Only friends on the owners friends list can access these spaces.

Collection: Only select NFT collection holders can access these spaces. For example, the owner of a unit may choose to give free access to their space to holders of Cool Cats NFT.

Free access: Anyone can access these spaces.

Please note: There will be a limit to the number of users allowed in a unit at any given time. The rules for this will be available soon.


The owner will be able to display NFTS as decoration on apartments.


The property owner will be able to rent his unity

for a specific amount of time. It is a way for non-owners

to access and enjoy Genesis, and a way to monetize and earn ARCH.


Genesis will use Myland marketplace, a L2 solution for all business and services inside our Metaverse.


All genesis owners will receive a token in a TBD date. The token will have a major role on Myland, ecosystem. All business inside it will be made with the token. You will be able to rent a property on Genesis, buy new furniture for your apartment or even buy a sailboat with the token.

The economics will be detailed before ARCH launch.


We will use Unity engine, the most adopted and easy to use engine available. Unity will give us the freedom and the technical tools to create best-in class interactive experiences, focused on high quality and smooth gameplay.

We have plans to deliver our metaverse on mobile and consoles further expanding our reach to new holders and guests.